Event Information:

  • Sun

    NUTS Presents: Royal Screw

    6:00 pmNo Cover | Doors open at 6PM

    Here yee! Here yee! Some one is going to get screwed at this month's NUTS! View facebook event

    This event is cheap as FREE, and 21+. Doors and signups to play start at 6:00 and the games starts at 7:00. This event runs until we are kicked out. Win prizes, glory, and maybe a shot at the NUTS Championship belt!

    NUTS is a video game competition like no other. We determine who is the best overall gamer by challenging players to compete in a huge selection of games from 1977 to today. Players sign up and play as many times as they can to earn points which wins prizes, and shots at championship titles. If you think you're the greatest gamer then join NUTS Video Game Show for upcoming events!

    This month we are having our yearly Royal Screw. This 32 player ladder-style, single elimination, TS Rules only tournament will earn one lucky person a whopping 32 points! The way this works is every player is put into a queue that is shuffled. Players continue to take on competitors one after the next until they lose or they win the entire event. Keep an eye out for a few surprise competitors. Also we will have other additional rounds so players can keep getting points as we are half way to our finale GAME OVER.

    For the championship round we will have the newly crowned Art Bar Champion and TS Champion Willfred, the two-headed gamer, defend one of their titles, and drop the other one. Will he drop the Art Bar or TS Championship? Finally, the defending NUTS Gaming Champion, Mongoose McNasty, will take on last year's Royal Screw winner, NUTS host, Dr. Boomboxguy JJ. How can this even work? This will be NUTS!

    Also if you're interested in game design then join South Carolina Game Developers Coalition for events, workshops, meet ups, and other game related chat.